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In this series of videos, named “Planting the Seed for Reconciliation”, the author Tim O’Loan, who is a 60’s scoop Indigenous Knowledge Keeper, and someone who has dedicated his life to helping Canadians learn and understand the issues of denial, trauma, pain and now the process of healing, as a result of our history of residential schools and other unjust treatment of Canada’s first settlers. Is bringing to you in this video program, the Indigenous means and ways of storytelling and sharing of his own journey, with an authentic and brave voice, that sheds insights to allow us to see first hand the impact and process that he and many in his situation have been through and continued to be.  It is Tim’s hope that by sharing his knowledge and story, it will help us all heal and move towards meaningful reconciliation.

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Planting a Seed for Reconciliation
This workshop is designed to encourage reflection on the next steps towards Reconciliation. You will gain a better understanding of what Reconciliation can mean for you and your colleagues and you will encouraged to actively consider the paths to Reconciliation at this point in Canada’s history.
Group training starting at 10 to 100 participants
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