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In times of crisis, social inequalities not only persist but widen and deepen. Increasing international conflicts, overburdened healthcare systems, and the unfolding climate crisis are causing further harms to the most vulnerable in our society. We must transform our increasingly polarized society through approaches to diversity, equity, and inclusion that help us recognize and value our differences as strengths that we can harness to solve these crises together. This VOD course in an introduction to anti-oppressive approaches to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It calls upon us to address barriers to success by carefully undoing inequalities without causing further oppression. Trauma-centred and attentive to harm-reduction, these approaches redirect our gaze inward to help us value and leverage the diversity that each of us brings to our communities as we work towards a just and sustainable society.

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Verbal De-Escalation
An anti-oppressive approach to listening and communicating during difficult situations

This course will provide participants with tips and practical techniques to handle interpersonal interactions more effectively, and to bring calm and understanding to difficult situations.
Group training starting at 10 to 100 participants
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